Medical Pet Grooming

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Keep your animals comfortable with our grooming services

Grooming goes beyond maintaining a shiny coat and making your pet look their best. Keeping your pets well groomed prevents discomfort caused by matting, overgrown nails, or skin conditions. Canadensis Veterinary Clinic offers exceptional medical pet grooming services to ensure the comfort and wellness of your pets.

The Benefits of Grooming Your Pet

Overgrown nails are painful and can cause your pet to walk improperly. Matted fur can cause discomfort by tugging on the skin. And impacted anal glands can lead to significant health problems. The medical pet grooming services at Canadensis Veterinary Clinic prioritize your pet’s overall health and prevent these health issues.

Our Grooming Offerings

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Our veterinary team provides outstanding medical grooming services for cats and dogs. We offer the following treatments for your pet:

During a grooming session, we will pay special attention to your pet’s skin and coat to ensure no presence of parasites or dermatological issues. If we notice anything unusual, we will discuss a treatment plan to help your pet live more comfortably.

We do not have a professional groomer on staff, but our team will do its best to accommodate your grooming needs to the best of our ability.

Contact Us for Regular Medical Grooming Appointments

Your pet’s well-being is our top priority at Canadensis Veterinary Clinic. Our team will take our time grooming your pet to keep them comfortable and maintain their quality of life. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule an appointment!

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