Pocket Pet Veterinarian

All pets deserve routine preventive care

Discover the Ultimate Care for Your Pocket Pet

At Canadensis Veterinary Clinic, we understand that all pets, regardless of size, deserve routine preventive care to ensure their well-being. Our dedicated pocket pet veterinarians specialize in providing expert veterinary care for small mammals, offering the highest quality service for animals large and small.

Small Mammals We Care For

Our experienced pocket pet veterinarians provide exceptional care for many small mammals, including guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, ferrets, sugar gliders, and more. If you have a pocket pet not listed here, don’t hesitate to give us a call to confirm that we can provide the care they need.

Preventive Care and Wellness Exams

Maintaining your pocket pet’s health is a priority. We recommend scheduling a wellness exam at least twice a year to ensure your pet’s happiness and well-being. These regular visits allow us to detect potential diseases early and provide prompt treatment. 

During the exam, we will conduct a comprehensive physical assessment and might suggest additional diagnostic tests like blood work or fecal analysis. We also offer species-appropriate vaccinations to keep your small pet protected. If you have questions about caring for your pocket pet, our knowledgeable veterinarians are here to provide guidance.

Emergency Care

Emergencies can happen, and when they do, our team is ready to provide quick and efficient emergency treatment for various pocket pet species. If your small mammal displays signs of illness, contact us immediately. Our skilled veterinary staff are experienced in handling emergencies and will provide the care your pet needs.

Expert Care in a Stress-Free Environment

Pocket pets require specialized care that our expert team is well-equipped to provide. At Canadensis Veterinary Clinic, our pocket pet veterinarians possess the knowledge and capabilities to deliver comprehensive care in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

Schedule Your Pocket Pet's Exam at Canadensis Veterinary Clinic

Pay attention to the signs of illness in your pocket pets. Schedule an examination today with our dedicated small mammal veterinarians to ensure your furry friend receives the highest quality care they deserve. 

Contact Canadensis Veterinary Clinic to book an appointment and let our experienced professionals prioritize your pocket pet’s health and happiness.

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