Pet Wellness Care

Keep your pets healthy with our preventive services.

We provide a comprehensive range of preventive care services to ensure the ultimate well-being of your pets at Canadensis Veterinary Clinic. Our highly trained and dedicated team commits themselves to keeping your pets healthy and protected against various health concerns throughout the year.

Keep your pets healthy with our preventive services.

Prevention begins with establishing a baseline for your pet’s health. Pet wellness exams are our first step toward a healthier life and the core of our wellness program at Canadensis. The nose-to-tail physical exams we offer include:

We also take time to speak with you about your pet’s daily habits, food routine, and activity levels to learn more about their overall health.

Parasite Prevention


Parasites can cause severe discomfort for your pet and sometimes lead to life-threatening conditions if untreated. Our team works with you to develop a customized parasite prevention plan tailored to your pet’s needs, considering factors like their environment, lifestyle, and breed. These plans include protection against:

Our veterinary team will suggest the best prevention methods to keep your pets happy and healthy. If we notice signs of parasites, we will work with you to treat them right away!

Essential Pet Vaccines

Vaccines safeguard your pets against various diseases and infections. We build individual vaccine schedules based on your pet’s age, breed, and lifestyle to ensure they receive the most appropriate protection. Visit our vaccines page to learn more.

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Canadensis Veterinary Clinic provides comprehensive preventative care services to keep your pets healthy and protected in all life stages. Contact us today to schedule a pet wellness exam and learn more about our preventive care services!

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