Pet Microchipping

Protect your pet with permanent identification

Help your pet return home safely

The last thing you want is for your pet to wander away without proper identification. Collars with identification tags are a great first step, but they can break or slip off if they snag on something.

Pet microchipping is an effective way to protect your pet with permanent identification. These chips contain your contact information and will notify you when scanned by an animal shelter or veterinarian.

The Microchipping


Inserting a microchip beneath your pet’s skin may sound risky, but it is safe and relatively painless. We use a sterile syringe to insert the microchip just below the skin’s surface. Once in place, your pet’s tissue surrounds the chip to secure it.

Every microchip we use contains nonreactive material, which means there is no potential chance of infection. The chips also contain no batteries. They never need to be removed or recharged, and there is no risk of battery-related injuries.

Registering Your Pet’s Microchip

simple process

Once the pet microchipping procedure is complete, we will give you everything you need to register your pet. The process involves logging into the microchip’s database and attaching your contact information to the chip’s identification number.

If you move or change phone numbers, updating the information is simple. All you need to do is log back into the database and replace your old contact info with the updated address or number.

How Microchip Scanning Works

instant peace of mind

Many veterinary clinics and animal shelters have scanners that read pet microchip information. If your pet wanders from home and is brought to a location with a scanner, they simply scan your pet to access your information. 

Many microchips also send automated messages after scanning to give you instant peace of mind that your pet is in safe hands.

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We can help bring your pet home safely with pet microchipping at Canadensis Veterinary Clinic. The service is simple, and we can include it during your pet’s next round of vaccinations. Contact us with your microchipping question or to schedule an appointment.

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