Diagnostic Testing for Pets

Our team has extensive knowledge in diagnostic tests for your pets

Comprehensive testing with rapid results

Your pet’s health is our priority at Canadensis Veterinary Clinic. That’s why we partner with a local diagnostic testing service to provide rapid diagnostic testing for your pets. This strategy allows our veterinarians to dedicate more time to each patient while delivering exceptional diagnostic results.

Diagnostic Services We Offer


We provide a wide range of diagnostic testing for dogs, cats, reptiles, avian, and pocket pets, from preventive lab work to disease detection. Our lab services include the following:
Our team will only request required testing unless you specifically request a service – this prevents unnecessary expenses and streamlines the diagnostic process.

DNA Sexing for Birds and Reptiles

Determining whether your avian or reptile companion is male or female is challenging. With no external sexual organs, it can be impossible to determine their sex with a physical examination. We offer DNA sexing to accurately determine if your pet is male or female.

This advanced test analyzes your pet’s DNA to identify their sex. By looking at the genetic structure of our bird or reptile, the lab technicians can identify if they are male or female.

Trust Canadensis Veterinary Clinic With Your Pet’s Diagnosis

With over 30 years of experience working in the veterinary field, our team has extensive diagnostic knowledge. We treat animals of all shapes and sizes, including domestic and exotic pets. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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Canadensis Veterinary Clinic offers diagnostic testing for pets, pet wellness and preventive care, microchipping, behavioral consultations, spay and neuter surgeries, pet dental care, and more for pets in Canadensis, Cresco, Mountainhome, East Stroudsburg, Mount Pocono, and Newfoundland.