Pet Behavioral Consultations

We want to help you with the behavior management of your pet

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

You love your pet, but sometimes keeping them on their best behavior is challenging. If your pet could use behavioral management, our team is here for you. We understand the root causes of bad behavior and provide evidence-based solutions to meet your pet’s unique needs.

Reasons for Bad Behavior in Pets

targeted solutions

Behavioral issues stem from many different factors. If your pet refuses to go outside to use the bathroom, constantly barks or meows at you, or is destructive, there may not be an easy fix. Correcting behavior often takes time and patience to achieve positive results.

Our approach to pet behavioral consultations focuses on understanding the root cause and providing targeted interventions to help your pet overcome their challenges. We recognize that each pet is unique, and our team is committed to creating individualized plans that take into account your pet’s personality, environment, and specific needs.

Evidence-Based Behavioral Training

science-based training

We recommend evidence-based training solutions supported by scientific research that effectively address similar pet behavioral issues. Whether you need help to housebreak a new pet or calm your pet’s anxiety, we will offer proven advice to promote good behavior.

Strengthening the Human-Pet Bond

compassionate care

Our compassionate veterinary team understands the importance of a strong bond between pets and their owners. We work closely with you to offer support and guidance throughout the process. The goal is to improve your confidence using our recommended strategies to strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

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Canadensis Veterinary Clinic provides a personalized approach to housebreaking and other behavior problems. Trust our over thirty years of expertise to deliver exceptional behavioral counseling for your pet. Contact us to schedule a behavioral consultation.

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